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Yoona and Taecyeon are searched heavily... on Korean portal site Nate that is.

Merely minutes after their performance on MBC Gayo Daejun, 2PM member Taecyeon and SNSD member Yoona hit the number 2 spot on Nate's most searched list together.

The performance was more than enough to get fangirls swooning and fanboys up in arms, so it's not a big surprise that radical netizens would rack up a huge hit count in such a small amount of time.

Other notable searches in the top 5 are Boom and After School's ex-member Soyoung, who are rumored to be dating, taking spots 3 and 5 respectively.

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Leeteuk and Yoona send their New Year greetings

With the first day of 2010 upon us, Super Junior's Leeteuk and SNSD's Yoona have sent us their new year greetings courtesy of SM Entertainment.

Both Super Junior and SNSD have achieved great success respectively this year, so let's hear what they got to say about 2009 and their goals for the new year.


I still can't forget the moment when it was announced that we were the Daesang winners at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards. 2009 will be an unforgettable year for me because of that. 2009 was also a year where me and the other members worked the most (performances). It was also a meaningful year because Sorry, Sorry got a really good response from everyone. With that song, we are finally able to dispel the saying that 'We are big on popularity but have no hit song to talk about'.

I ain't sure if it's because of the successes that we have obtained in 2009. I feel that only good things will happen in 2010. Super Junior will work even harder this year and we hope that everyone will stay healthy and achieve good results in your studies/work.


We are very grateful for all the love that everyone has showed us in the past year. We won't forget the support for Gee and Tell Me Your Wish also.

It was a really unforgettable 2009 for us but we won't be harping on that anymore. With 2010 upon us, we will start again with the mentality of a rookie and set off again. We have already set a goal to give our fans an even better song than Gee and more exhilarating performances than before. All our members are united as one with regards to this. We hope that everyone will have a great and prosperous year ahead, together.

cr : allkpop

Suju’s Hankyung wants out because of SNSD?

A Chinese news site reported what seems to be a rumor about Hankyung and SNSD. Long story short, the article indicated that Hankyung's real reason for wanting to terminate his contract was not just an unfair contract, but mistreatment by SNSD members.

Many Korean fans are questioning whether or not this story on was created to intentionally hurt SNSD. reported:

Hankyung wants to leave SM Entertainment not only because of his contract, but because of the mistreatment from other artists of the company. It's been reported that he has been receiving hurtful comments from SNSD for some time. He was disregarded by people after working very hard and developed psychological disorders. continued,

Because of the disorders, he wanted to take a break but they denied his request. SNSD has always been sarcastic and used satire against him. For example, they would say to him, "Oppa! Do you think you can look Korean by dyeing your hair blonde?" Comments of this nature hurt Hankyung and he couldn't take it anymore.

One netizen said, "It seems like Chinese press is trying to make Koreans look bad. This is an article that is trying to twist the truth."

So what do you think? Is there a hint of truth in this story or is it absolutely ridiculous?

Source: Sports Chosun

cr: allkpop


QUOTE (jaefan @ Dec 27 2009, 09:47 PM) *
China netizens in response to this rumour:

"So, any passerbys and "Black Ocean" members can just be the reporters so easily..."

"Copying and pasting, cutting here and there (from old rumours) can be treated as new news again? " (lol)

"Wow..this job looks like it needs not much skills and knowledge..i suggest the boss to hire elementary kids. Save the cost of employment."

"*faints* i thought its some big news...wasted my day to just read the sentence that Heechul posted 2 years ago.(which is not even true)"

"Nowadays the tabloids really have nothing to post, reporters aren't even as pro as us fans, LOL. All BS.(this phrase is a lil messy but yeah she's meaning its bs)

"I didn't know Koreans are blonde naturally. laugh.gif "

"Talented...don't be a reporter. Be a novelist, guaranteed Nobel's Prize."

Translated from

Evidence to support that the article is posted by a (too much time on hand) fan.

Decomber 23rd a Chinese website posted a news article titled "HanKyung was humiliated by SNSD numerous times and Kim Heechul can't stand any longer". This "news" originated from SNSD's anti organization, and the nation's media press
posted the anti's "news" as news article, which is the first time such a thing happened.

But, as long as one who understands SNSD and HanKyung will know that this is abolutely false.

RUMOR #1: The "news" said Super Junior's Heechul once disclosed during an interview that there was this one time when in the dressing room when SNSD's Taeyeon saw HanKyung's blonde hair and made a remark "Oppa what are you doing? Do you think that dying your hair blonde will make you look
more like a Korean?"

TRUTH: EVERYONE knows that SNSD debuted in year 2007, HanKyung had the blonde hair in year 2006, and how would they be able to share the same dressing room in the first place?

RUMOR #2: "News" said that during a Korean variety show, Hankyung was dancing Chinese traditional dance and Taeyeon was saying " the Chinese traditional dance is only up till this standard?" Jessica follwed by "This kind of dance~ even kids can do that!" and all SNSD members laughed. HanKyung's face darkened and the MC hurriedly changed the subject.

TRUTH: HanKyung performed Chinese traditional dance alot of times but for Korean variety shows, he only performed 3 times. Twice was in year 2006. The last time was in year 2007, but the program only had 1 female guest and its Lee Sooyoung. The person can't even differentiate the Sooyoung from SNSD from Lee Sooyoung. Of course, this didn't happen at all.

RUMOR #3: There was this interview for the SM family and TVXQ is absent. So the reporter asked if Hankyung taught any SNSD members Chinese and SNSD rudely said "It should be us teaching him Korean.." and(they did not even use formalities while saying this. and this is considered to be extremely rude in Korea)

TRUTH: LOL. Even more ridiculous. This was not even a SM family interview, but Tom's Entertainment 08 Exclusive interview with SNSD. Title is "SNSD: Learning Mandarin from HanKyung oppa."
Original article was like this,
Tiffany: "We have not much chance to meet up with him alot and if we do, we usually smile and greet each other, and he will even ask the members who are closer to him about their recent condition."
Hyoyeon: "Because we are all working in Korea, shouldn't it be us teaching HanKyung oppa Korean??? ^^ "

They answered using formalities and its just a casual conversation-interview yet antis used this and twisted it to something that is not true. HanKyung isn't even there in the first place, lol.

RUMOR #4: Yoona met HanKyung for the first time and asked him about his reason for getting into SM, like "You can get into SM because of your face right? China is so big and i don't understand why you Chinese always run to Korea and work." and this made Heechul very angry and even made a blog post about it.

TRUTH: Heechul did not post anything about this at all in his blog which you can already tell this is totally made up by the anti.

Translated all from

Reading the responses, i can say that majority of them knew its all fake.Most expressed their disappointment in their own local press. So yeah, nothing much to worry about. We should just laugh this whole rumor off smile.gif

c. jaefan


QUOTE (silis7noy2 @ Dec 27 2009, 11:41 PM) *
Even before the clarification no one in Korea believed it, the Korean ELFs were the first to alert Korean Sones not to believe this garbage. Now the clarification by Chinese Sones is making the rounds on Korean sites. So although there'll be some commotion for a while, ultimately this will become one silly forgotten incident.

SM also made official statement about it
ISPlus article
... on this SME representative stated on 27th "As confirmed with SNSD members it is absolutely false without any basis. It is frustrating and regrettable that such report was released about people who are part of one family"

c. silis7noy2

No Offence but Siapapun Fans SNSD yang percaya sama rumor ini and berubah jadi Antis....Mereka memang bukan Fans SNSD dari awal!!!! Percaya gitu ajah tanpa melihat bukti2 yang jelas!!!!


guys, pengen sharing^^ ini yg gue dapet dari soompi. ini artikel yg gue dapet ttg SJ han sama SNSD. Untuk semua SONE wajib baca!! *AF apalagi, harus baca ini XD*

sebenernya website china yg kurang kerjaan ini, ngambil artikelnya dari suatu random website. gak jelas kan source nya dr mana??? trus, website china ini report kalo ini tuh "NEWS" bukan "RUMOR" *kurang ajar gak sih(?)*

basically, ini translate-an kasarnya dari artikel china yg didapet

1st news : pas SJ di wawancarai, mc nya nanya hankyung, yg bukan orang korea, bahwa apakah ada kendala ketika bekerja di korea. Han senyum dan ngasih jwbn positif. tapi heechul langsung nyamber, "pernah suatu saat pas di dressing room, taeyeon dateng dan ngeliat hankyung sambil ngomong, 'oppa, apa yg kamu lakukan? Apakah dengan mewarnai rambutmu menjadi kuning, kau sudah seperti orang korea?'"

FAKTANYA : han punya rambut warna kuning pas tahun 2006 sedangkan SNSD debut pd agustus 2007. gimana bisa kalo snsd aja tahun 2006 belum debut, tiba" satu dressing room ama SJ?

2nd news : pernah wkt itu ada variety show, mc memperkenalkan han sbg artis yg multi-talenta. nah, wkt itu, han meniru dansa folk china di variety show itu. taeyeon bilang, "oh, kemampuan chinese folk dance nya cuma sampe level segini?" Trus sica nambahin, "bahkan anak kecil pun bisa ngedance kayak gitu." setelah itu, semua 9 cewek itu tertawa

FAKTANYA : Han memang pernah melakukan chinese folk dance 3 kali di bbrp variety show. 2 kali pada tahun 2006 dan 1 kali pada tahun 2007 yg TIDAK ADA SNSD nya.

3rd news : pas ada smtown interview, mc nanya ama hankyung apakah hankyung pernah ngajarin org" bahasa cina. trus snsd nyamber dengan nada "ngatain" bilang, "malahan kita yg ngajarin dia bahasa korea." ketika wawancara cewek" snsd selalu menggunakan nada bicara yg meledek dan kasar. hankyung hanya bisa tersenyum setelah mendengarnya.

FAKTA : wawancara ini adalah BUKAN wawancara SMTOWN. Tapi ini adalah interview dari TOM娱乐. Ini adalah wawancara eksklusif SNSD pada tahun 2008. Wawancara yg sebenarnya adalah sbg berikut :

TOM : saya dengar" kalian belajar bahasa china dari hankyung. apakah dy telah membantu banyak?

FANY : kami gak sering ketemu dia dan ketika kami bertemu, kami saling menyapa, kami juga saling menanyakan aktivitas masing".

HYO : ketika kami promosi di korea, bukankah seharusnya kami yg mengajarkan bahasa korea?

Ketika wawancara, mereka semua memakai nada bicara biasa dan sama sekali tidak ada Hankyung.

4th news : ketika yoona melihat hankyung di gedung untuk pertama kalinya, yoona bertanya, "kamu chinese tapi kenapa terbang ke korea? Kamu di SM pasti hanya karena TAMPANG. Saya sungguh tak mengerti. Saya pikir market di china besar." Heechul pernah mengatakan di suatu majalah jepang bahwa, ia tidak suka dg apa yg dikatakan oleh yoona.

FAKTANYA : Heechul TIDAK PERNAH mengeluarkan pernyataan seperti itu, dan jelas bahwa ini adalah pekerjaan seorang anti.

nah lo!!! AF maem deh tuh faktanya!! BIAR GIMANAPUN FAKTA PASTI AKAN MUNCUL DAN SNSD DAN SONES JAUH LEBIH KUAT DRPD KALIAN!!! Makan tuh rumor geje lo!!! cih!! AF ga guna!!

Translation credit : shinjirei@soompi
Cr: Astrid@FB_SoshindoFated

all credit:

Tara's Hyomin

It's no surprise Hyomin is happy because T-ara won their first K-Chart at Music Bank on New Year's Day.

Hyomin wrote on her minihompy, "2010 January 1st. 1st Number 1. It was just a dream I had every night.. Thank you so much!!!♥♥"

The girls cried quite a lot on stage when they won. This is their first win ever and it looks like their album is doing really well.

Fans commented, "I'll be a fan forever," "Congratulations," and "This is the beginning."

Hopefully, they'll start promoting Like the Beginning soon and win for that too!

credit: allkpop