Super Junior Donghae dan Kyuhyun terpilih sebagai model untuk Happy Bath Together dengan Han Jimin.

Mereka menyelesaikan syuting untuk CF pembersih muka pada Juli bersama dengan Han Jimin dan CF-nya akan mempunyai sebuah lagu baru yaitu "Happy Bubble" dan akan disiarkan dalambentuk sebuah musik video.

Di dalam CF ini, Donghae, Kyuhyun dan Han Jimin berubah menjadi teman kerja di sebuah seupermarket, muncul dengan tarian gelembung dan meningkatkan respon2 setelah acara.

Semuanya memakai piyama dan menarikan lagunya dengan kemampuan terbaiknya tanpa melihat kebelakang, mengumpulkan semangat dari para staf.

Donghae dan Kyuhyun berkata, "Kami senang dipilih sebagai model untuk Happy Bath. Kami menikmati berbagai pengalaman yg kita dapatkan selama CF ini dan kami berharap bahwa semuanya akan menyukai lagu dan CF ini."

Merk lagunya, Happy Bubble, akan diluncurkan pada tanggal 20 via Melon, Dosirak dan site2 musik lainnya. Musik videonya akan mulai disiarkan setelah tanggal 20 melalui homepage Happy Bath.

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Versi Sorry Sorrynya SJM?

SORRY SORRY takkan diganti jadi versi Mandarin
Album ke 2 SJM – Rilis bulan September
Perhatian – album ke 3 SORRY SORRY takkan diganti menjadi versi Mandarin
Tetapi di album ke 2 ada lagu yang tipenya sangat mirip dengan SORRY SORRY
Semuanya tolong tunggu album ke 2 mereka ^^

Pada tanggal 13 September, 2009, SJM dan SS501 akan menghadiri KBS Concert 2009 di Shenyang, Cina. Dalam acara tersebut, SJM akan menjadi juri sementara itu SS501 akan menjadi bintang tamu.

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Release date: 2009.08.20
Genre: Pop
Language: Korean
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SNSD concluded their promotions for ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ on August 15th, 2009.

The last stage of SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ was held on MBC ‘Show! Music Core,’ which broadcasted on the 15th.

On this day, SNSD received an exuberant cheer as they appeared from the audience area. The surprised audience cheered on as the members of SNSD confidently walked up on stage and performed a remix version of ‘Tell Me Your Wish.’

After 50 days of ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ promotion since their comeback stage at MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ in the 27th of June, the nine-person female group SNSD (Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny and Seohyeon) concluded their ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ promotion in the midst of extreme popularity. SNSD won the hearts of male fans through their famous ‘Hacky-sack’ dance with their smooth leg line and refreshing marine look.

Current MC’s of ‘Show! Music Core’ Tiffany and Yuri commented, “Although we are sad to conclude the ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ promotion, we will continue to MC for MBC ‘Show! Music Core.’”

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At the start of the year, Girls Generation-fever hit the nation. Since then, heated up by the emergence of new idol groups like After School, 2NE1, and 4Minute, the girl group scene is flourishing. Having passed two years since their debut, Girls Generation dominated the music industry in the first half of 2009. The title song, “Gee,” topped KBS’ music chart for nine consecutive weeks, which was an unprecedented record for female singing groups. Also, 72,000 albums were sold, second highest among all contemporary singers. Consisting of nine members aged from 18 to 20, Girls Generation has attracted a mostly young following.

The groups’ next title song, “Genie,” once again confirmed their top status. The song received an explosive reaction from fans. If their earlier song, “Gee,” was a girlish approach, the new song emphasized mature lady images out of the nine girls.

New female groups joined the wave and fired up the atmosphere further.

In January, After School, adopting the tried-and-tested concept of school girls, introduced “AH,” their debut song. Their hot gym clothes as stage outfits, matched with electric hip-hop music captured K-pop fans’ attention. Before releasing their second single album, the team recruited new member E-ui, adding freshness and vivacity to the group. Then, the second song, “Diva” quickly joined the top K-pop line.

In May, girl group 2NE1 came into the spotlight (some say as a woman version of Big Bang). Nearly 10,000 mini-albums were bought in first three months since their debut. Title song “Fire” set records and their following song, “I Don’t Care,” is currently continuing the stream, smashing charts for five consecutive weeks. In July, it was the most downloaded song, beating out “Gee” by Girls Generation.

Teenage girl group 4Minute debuted in June, stepping into the limelight even before they hit the stage,

4Minute enthralled TV viewers with their stylish and “candy funky” retro music. Their colorful outfits revived even retro fashion. On Aug. 20, the group released their first mini album, “For Muzic.”

Having recently made their comeback, Brown Eyed Girls and Kara are carrying on the girl group fad.

Brown Eyed Girls initially drew fans’ attention for their sensational music videos. Then, their so called “arrogant dance,” was unleashed on stages across the country for the song “Abracadabra,” of their third album. The song topped music charts for three weeks, for the first time since their debut in 2006. “Unlike other idol groups, Brown Eyed Girls has climbed their way up the peak by themselves,” said the agent executive at a press conference.

Using local popularity as a stepping stone to still greater fame, some girl groups are attempting to make an advance overseas.

Following Rain, BoA, and Se7en, this summer, Wonder Girls made their debut in the United States, with the English version of “Nobody,” a mega-hit song in Korea. Last month Wonder Girls finished tour openings for Jonas Brother’s concerts, in front of tens of thousands of people each night. Appearing on a national TV talk show and a Disney radio channel, the group is increasing their recognition on the continent. The group even topped iTunes top 100 chart, coming in at 78.

Some groups are incorporating foreign-educated or foreign-born women into their acts.

In Girls Generation, Soo-young studied in Japan and Hyo-yeon studied in China. Tiffany and Jessica are American-born who came to Korea seeking stardom.

A member of the group Kara is also from North America. Her not-so-perfect Korean appeals local fans as cute. It is said the group will expand abroad in the second half of 2009.

4Minute is also getting ready for their international debut. According to a phone interview with an executive of CUBE Entertainment, 4Minute has begun hammering out plans to expand into other East Asian countries. “Wonder Girls‘ successful debut and performances in United States will be a good example for many local girl groups seeking a U.S. debut,” said the executive.

The golden days of girl groups seems to just beginning.

Source: The Korea Herald+Sookyeong+thi2@SGI

Most recent of Super Junior Kim KiBum.

Though we never knew where he was and what he was doing this whole black period for him, we get to see the most recent of him through fellow Super Junior member DongHae.

It was KiBum’s 23rd birthday on 21st August and DongHae uploaded a photo taken between him and KiBum on his Cyworld minihompy.

DongHae wrote on his Cyworld post:

Title: KiBum’s Birthday

Today is KiBum’s birthday.

So I called him on the phone and asked him where he was. And he said he was in the office practising, so I went and have a talk with him. I also congratulated him on his birthday and we took a photo today, it was fun ^^

Be healthy always, smile brightly like how you do in this photo and work hard KiBummie..

Happy Birthday ! ! ^^

As can be seen from the netizens’ responses to this Cyworld post by DongHae, Korea is definitely missing some only13 love.

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