SNSD's Jessica who's in the same company as Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior, revealed her first impression about him

Jessica came in as a guest on SBS' Power FM, "Kim Hee Chul's Young Street" which was aired on March 30th. She revealed
her first impression about Kim Hee Chul by stating, "He was arrogant and his personality was so cold. Also, he kept reminding
me that he as older, making me feel uncomfortable. So, my first impression on him wasn't so good."

Furthermore, Sulli who also came on as a guest on the same day, revealed her first impression on Kim Hee Chul.
She stated, "He was weird" and continued on "He bothered me countless times. I was around 12 years old when I met him
for the first time, but he still bothered me and made me cry a lot. So my first impression on him wasn't so great."

Super Junior member Dong Hae, on the other hand, said that "I remember meeting with Kim Hee Chul for the first
time since I was the one who was ordered by the company to take the new guy from Kang Wan Do. I went to pick
him up feeling annoyed, but when I met him he was very polite."

"Kim Hee Chul's Young Street" is aired very day at 8 p.m.

[EveryDay Finance Star Today. Lee Hyun Woo reporter]


Jpop IDOL Erika Umeda is SNSD Fan

She said they are cool, the song is catchy. A good style of singing and dancing too HOT, and she listening to their song a lot everyday

c. sport chosun+vizyu+ SNSD-INDONESIA.US.TO

SHINee’s Onew revealed that it was all thanks to SNSD’s Jessica that he was able to land his first role in a musical.

On April 9th, Onew revealed how he got casted in his new musical The Brothers Were Brave. He admitted, “I was casted as the main character even without an audition. Even though that’s how much recognition I received as a musical actor, if I were to grade myself? If I grade myself out of 10, I don’t I’d even be a 5 yet.”

As Onew continued his modesty, he credited his senior Jessica as the reason he was cast. She has just finished her run in the widely successful musical Legally Blonde, and she proved her acting and singing chops. ”The reason I passed without audition is… Sica (Jessica) recommended me. Also, I’m really grateful that everyone liked me a lot.”

Also acting as the leader to one of the nation’s best male idol groups, Onew gave an incredible performance for his musical debut.

Source: Baek JiHyun & Im SaeYoung@Newsen

Astaga nieh pasangan bikin gw iri..
trnyata Sicca yg ngerekomendasiin Onew?

So who does the king want to date in SNSD?

In recent appearance in Win Win,
South Korean ‘King of Pop’, Rain, was asked: Who would you want to date in SNSD?
To which he replied: I like all members.
I certainly hope he implied to his inability to choose the best from all the good choices.

Kim Seung Woo then asked, “Which name did you memorize first?” Rain said, “I memorized Taeyeon’s name first.” Taeyeon then blushed and seemed quite flattered, who wouldn’t be since the probability was 1/9?

Rain said about idols in general, “I’m so happy to be promoting with so many idols. I can’t be called an idol but I will compete with them with my sticky image.”

This episode will air on the 13th.

Credit: Heartfacee@AKP +

There’s been so much information coming out about the new SBS pilot program HahaMong Show and I’m sure every little tidbit is making you get really excited.

To increase more hype, It has been revealed that SNSD’s Sooyoung wants to get closer to Big Bang’s Daesung.

Sooyoung said, “I think it’s very brave for a female idol to admit that Big Bang is their ideal type. All SNSD members wants to get closer with Daesung. When I saw him get close to Taeyeon on Family Outing, I got really jealous.”

Why does every female idol love Daesung?

KARA’s Jiyoung, T-ara’s Eunjung, the Brown Eyed Girls and now all of SNSD (except Tiffany probably)? Daesung should take advantage of this chance.

cr: akp +

Yuri's part from the article:

In an interview on 13th Lee Hyori was asked the question "Which hoobaes from girl groups are you keeping an eye on?" and she answered without hesitation Yuri and CL. She declared that "These two have what it takes to be successful solo artists in the future."

As to why she picked Yuri she said "It was like seeing myself in the past". She said "I saw the SNSD concert and Yuri's solo stage was impressive. When I had my solo stage at the FINKL Concert people noticed me similarly. Yuri has the potential to have great success as a solo artist"

Later Hyori also was asked, "Who's your competition?"
Hyori: "SNSD lol. Really. They're at the top right now"

Translation :

Dalam wawancara pada tanggal 13 April Lee Hyori ditanya "Junior dari Grup Cewe mana yang kamu terus perhatikan?" dan dia menjawab tanpa keraguan "Yuri & CL". Dia menyatakan bahwa "Mereka berdua mempunyai segala hal untuk menjadi artis solo yang sukses di masa depan"

Dia mengatakan mengapa ia memilih Yuri, "Ini seperti melihat diri saya sendiri di masa lalu". Dia mengatakan "Saya melihat konser SNSD dan solo stage Yuri sangat mengesankan. Saat saya melakukan solo stage di Konser FINKL orang-orang memperhatikan saya sama seperti itu. Yuri memiliki potensi utnuk menjadi artis solo yang sukses"

c. isplus+silis7noy2 + SNSD-INDONESIA.US.TO

MBLAQ thread
omgsh, the mblaq members are totally spamming their own fancafe! haha
here is a link if u can read korean!
for eg.
a fan wrote "chundoong can speak 4 languages??? WOW"
and lee june replied "i can speak 1234113464 languages"
Mir put a message telling fans to watch their first broadcast
and lee june replied "yes... i will go to watch"
on Chundoong's short message (the i love you, this is chundoong message)
june wrote "what have u been doing for 30 mins?"
CD replied "i was eating chips"
and Mir wrote "doong doong hyung, dont ask us why we're fighting.. just join in"
LOL aww
they must be so fascinated by everything! cutie newbies


OMGSH member MBLAQ bener2 ngespam fancafe mrk sendiri! haha
ini linknya klo kalian bisa bahasa Korea
seorang fan menulis "chundoong bisa 4 bahasa??? WOW"
dan Lee June membalas "aku bisa 1234113464 bahasa"
Mir mengirim sbh msg menyuruh fans untuk datang melihat siaran mrk
dan June membalas "ya..aku akan datang" ~HAAHHAHA Joon=fansnya MBLAQ??
pada msg pendek Chundoong (msg yg mengatakan, ini Chundoong aku cinta kalian)
June menulis "apa yg sudah kamu lakukan slama 30 menit?"
CD membalas "aku makan keripik"
dan Mir menulis "doong doong hyung, jgn bertanya knp kita bertengkar.. ayo ikutan aja"
LOL aww
mereka sptnya sangat senang akan smua hal! newbie yg imut

MBLAQ thread
Mir: Doong doong hyung, who's been writing for the past 30 minutes... are you sleeping?
Mir: GO hyung... I just saw pictures of me with my nipples showing -_____- I want to wear a bra T.T
GO: Don't wear one
Mir: Hyung... when you're sleeping, I'm going to shave off your facial hair

Lee Joon: What have you been doing for the past 20 minutes, Cheon Doong?
CD: I was eating crackers.


Mir: Doong doong hyung, yg sudah menulis slama 30 menit terakhir... apa kau tidur?
Mir: GO hyung... aku baru saja melihat gambar ku dengan nipple terlihat ~ nipple=puting lol
-____- aku ingin memakai bra T.T
GO: Jangan memakainya
Mir: Hyung... ketika kau tidur, aku akan mencukur rambut wajahmu (kumis dan jenggot)

Lee Jon: apa yg sudah kau lakukan slama 20 menit ini, Cheon Doong?
CD: aku makan crackers.

credit: laani & hyeminnie
indo trans by ELMBLAQ@MBLAQIndo

Posted Image

MIR salah satu dari 5 anggota Boy Idol Group yang Rain/Bi telah dirikan telah menunjukkan kepada publik sebuah gambar dirinya sendiri tanpa riasan wajah.

Pada tanggal 9 (hari ini) pada saat subuh, MIR mengirimkan sebuah gambar selca (self-camera) dirinya sendiri tanpa riasan wajah berbaring di tempat tidurnya saat ia pergi ke tHailand untuk syuting mnet 'Show King M in Bangkok' ke minihompynya.

Tanpa riasan wajah sedikit pun, rambut basah, dan MIR menjelaskan sedikit pemaparan gambar sebagai 'Contoh dari mencoba mengambil gambar pada saat subuh setelah menghapus riasan wajah saya di Thailand dan gagal.'

Juga pada hari ini, tidak hanya menunjukkan wajahnya yg tanpa riasan, tetapi jga pengambilan gambar selama tahun kedua dari SMP.

Setelah melihat-lihat foto MIR,para penggemar meninggalkan banyak komentar seperti? Oh! Cheolyong oppa!! Bagaimana contoh yang sukses? Keke,' ' Jika contoh gagal seperti ini betapa menajubkan contoh yg berhasil TT,' 'Bahu-bahu Cheolyong,' 'Seperti yang diharapkan Bang Cheolyong!!'

Di sisi lain, Januari terakhir MIR memposting dua foto lama dari dirinya yg keluar dengan baik dan berkata "Waktu itu saya benar-benar populer.Sungguh" dan menimbulkan banyak sorak sorai dari para penggemarnya.

Posted Image

Mir from the 5 member Boy Idol Group that Rain has raised has shown the public of a picture of himself with no makeup.

On the 9th (today) at dawn, Mir posted up a selca (self-camera) picture of himself with no makeup lying on his bed when he went to Thailand for filming of mnet ‘Show King M in Bangkok’ up onto his minihompy.

With no makeup at all, wet hair, and slight exposure Mir explained the picture as ‘Example of trying to take an early morning picture after erasing my makeup in Thailand and failing.’ Also on this day, not only did he expose his no makeup face but as well as a picture taking during his second year of highschol.

Upon looking at Mir’s pictures, the fans left many comments such as ?Oh! Cheolyong oppa!! What about a success example? Keke,’ ‘If the failed example is like this then how amazing is the success exampleㅜㅜ,’ ‘Cheolyong shoulder shoulder♡,’ ‘As expected Bang Cheolyong!!’

On the other hand, Last January Mir posted up two old photos of himself which he came out good and said ‘That time I was really popular. Really’ and had caused a lot of cheers from his fans.

Source :
Credit : mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ ; heLLoli @ MBI


1. SHINee - MinHo 2494 votes

2. C.N.BLUE - JungHwa 2129 votes

3. BIGBANG - G-dragon 1774 votes

4. 2AM - Jokwon 1648 votes

5. 2PM - Taecyeon 1249 votes

6. B2ST - Lee Gi Kwang 1099 votes

7. 2PM - Nichkhun 1045 votes

8. SS501 - Kim Hyun Joong 1044 votes

9. SHINee - Jonghyun 886 votes

10. U-Kiss - Dongho 880 votes

11. B2ST - Yoon Doo Jun 843 votes

12. SHINee - Onew 699 votes

13. SHINee - KEY 670 votes

14. BIGBANG - TOP 623 vote

15. SHINee - Taemin 561 votes

16. F.T.ISLAND - Lee Hongki 511 votes

17. DBSK - U-Know 321 votes

18. DBSK - Hero 257 votes

19. DBSK - Xiah 247 votes

20. BIGBANG - Daesung 240 votes

21. MBLAQ - Thunder 235 votes

22. BIGBANG - Seungri 156 votes

23. DBSK - Micky 156 votes

24. Super Junior Heechul 148 votes

25. SuperJunior Siwon 145 votes

26. T-Max Kim Joon 141 votes

27. U-Kiss SooHyun 130 votes

28. SS501 Yongsaeng 99 votes

29. DBSK - Max 75 votes

30. BIGBANG - Taeyang 67 votes

Source: Daum
Credit: Minhoney
Translation: Ilumtics @

credit: koreanindo + weareshining + shineendonesia

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Run Devil Run

user posted image
Onew as Tiffany.

user posted image
Jonghyun as Sunny.

user posted image
Taemin as Seohyun.

user posted image
Minho as Yuri.

user posted image
Key as Yoona.


user posted image
Onew as Yuri. Minho as Sooyoung. Taemin as Tiffany. Key as Jessica. Jonghyun as Taeyeon.


cr : shineendonesia