5 member girl group f(x)’s, ( f(x)/Victoria, Krystal, Sulli, Amber, Luna) Amber, has said that she has heard many times that she looks like some of her company’s seniors.

On September 11, at the Seoul Yeoido KBS Annex Hall, Amber met with reporters in the waiting room and said, “People say I look like Super Junior’s Donghae, and also SHINee’s Jonghyun.”

Before her debut, Amber was introduced with her short hair and boyish charms, which aroused controversy on “Is she a boy or a girl?” But meeting Amber in person, she has cute appearances.

Amber said, “It’s been about an year and a half since I’ve come to Korea” Also “I got very close to KARA’s Nicole. It was a little easier to talk, since I was able to talk in English with Nicole.”

Every time she would encounter a broadcast official in the hallways, Amber would always bow 90 degrees, with the so-called ‘Belly Button Bow’, which has attracted attention.

Full activities for f(x) have started after their September 2nd debut showcase. f(x) who is gaining a lot of popularity with their song ‘LA chA TA’ has been acclaimed the ‘Amateur Monster’ (TL Note: They're basically calling f(x) new artists who has swiped out the music industry~)

trans cr: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

The debut of idol groups is getting faster and faster.

The recently debuted ‘Monster Amateurs’ (TL Note: They're basically calling f(x) new artists who has swiped out the music industry~) f(x) (Victoria, Krystal, Amber, Sulli, Luna) has one member born in the 1980’s while the rest were born in the 90’s. The maknae (youngest) Krystal was born in 1994 and is 16 years old (Korean age).

2NE1’s Minji and 4 Minute’s Kwon Sohyun were both born in 1994. Not too long ago, ‘High School Singers’ were in the limelight, but now it’s the ‘Junior High Singers’ turn, they go to school in the morning and in the afternoon they participate in their broadcast schedules.

One music industry official said, “When 5 member boy group, SHINee, first debuted the maknae, Taemin, was born in 1993 and was a Junior High student” also “I thought he was really young, but now he has become a full-grown oppa.”

This official said, “To Krystal, Taemin is an oppa” and the official also expressed surprise at the music industry’s debut age which is getting younger and younger.

f(x) has started full activities after their debut showcase on September 2nd. f(x) is gaining a lot of popularity with their title song ‘LA chA TA’.

source: Newsen
trans cr: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

Girl group ‘Jung Sisters’ Jessica (Jung Sooyeon) and Krystal (Jung Soojung) were accepted into SM 9 years ago, and got into the casting on the streets.

f(x) Krystal revealed to the latest newsen reporter that, together with her sister (Jessica) they got into an accompanied casting on the streets. Krystal said, “In 2000 while my family and I were walking around in Bundang, I got into the casting by a SM official.” Also she recalled “At that time my sister was 12 years old, and I was 7 years old.” (In Korean age)

Also “I was looking at a different place, and the official offered the casting. Since I was at a very young age, the official offered guidance to my parents, and at that spot I was able to get into the casting together with my sister, while we were accompanied by my mother.”

Also, “At my first broadcasted performance, my sister personally came and supported me” and “She said many good things and also gave a lot of advice.”

Also, “Immediately after the pre-recording of my first stage, my sister came to me in the waiting room and wiped away my continuously flowing sweat” and “She wiped away my sweat with a worried/concerned expression, and gave sharp advice ‘Your face expression doesn’t look good. Work harder.’ I am always thankful.”

Also “My relationship with my sister is very good” “It would seem we connect through telepathy”. Krystal said, “We think about similar things although we are in different places.” She also said, “We have somewhat different personalities. My sister is more feminine and I am more of a free and easy person. I am strong because I have my sister. Although we haven’t been able to see each other lately, our feelings for each other will never change.”

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Jessica attracted attention because, on September 5th at the Gyeonggido Ilsan MBC Dream Center for MBC ‘Music Core’, she personally came and supported f(x) during their pre-recorded stage.

f(x)’s debut song, ‘LA chA TA’ is a piece of work from hit composer, Kenzie, with an electronica hip-hop groove feeling, is an impressive dance-pop song arrangement. ‘Let’s excitingly enjoy life' is a message this song brings, this song is full of witty lyrics, and cheerful melodies with a great harmony which will amaze listeners at once.

The interesting title ‘LA chA TA’ is a bright, fun, and lively song with a cheerful atmosphere, with easy to pronounce syllables, and is expected to be a very hot topic.

source: Newsen
trans cr: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

Big Bang’s G Dragon who is currently undergoing solo activities has recently chosen new group f(x)’s Sulli, as the cutest junior.

G Dragon appeared on SBS ‘Jung Sunhee’s Love FM’ on September 9, and mentioned f(x)’s Sulli during a radio corner.

Jung Sunhee asked ‘What style is your ideal girl’, and he replied “A cute girl”.

Jung Sunhee asked, “Aren’t there any cute juniors in the girl groups” and G Dragon replied “I think Sulli from the recently debuted group, f(x), is cute”.

G Dragon clearly stated, “She is cute as a junior”

*just skipped parts that weren’t concerning Sulli*

Source: Newsen
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Yuri, supported her company’s junior, f(x).

Through her own me2day(Korean version of Twitter) , f(x)’s leader, Victoria, wrote about her meeting with Yuri on the 12th at MBC's ‘Music Core’.

Victoria said, “I was really happy I was able to meet Yuri sunbaenim(senior) at the broadcast studio” Also “The thing Yuri sunbaenim is holding is our group’s signed file/folder. I was really thankful, because she said a lot of nice things.”

f(x), is a 5 member girl group, ambitiously introduced by SM Entertainment, with So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Jessica’s own sister, Krystal, being a member, they have a deep bond with their company’s senior, So Nyuh Shi Dae.

Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli, and Krystal of f(x), with their recently debuted song ‘LA chA TA’, are actively doing activities and are enjoying their explosive popularity.

source: Newsen
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

Member SNSD, Yuri, mendukung kiprah dari juniornya di SME, f(x).

Melalui me2day, Victoria menuliskan tentang pertemuannya dengan Yuri pada MBC Music Core pada 12 September.

Victoria mengatakan, "Saya sangat senang sekali bisa bertemu dengan Yuri sunbaenim (senior) di studio siaran" Juga "Barang yang dipegang oleh Yuri adalah file/folder grup kami yang telah ditandatangani. Saya sangat bersyukur karena dia mengatakan banyak hal yang baik (tentang f(x))."

Yang di bawahnya ga usa gw translate d....cm tentang profil f(x) itu hehehe...xD

Now here's some SM Family love. SNSD and f(x) have been chosen to joint model/endorse the 4th edition of the Blacklabel series LG CYON phone, "Chocolate."

More importantly though, is that they will be filming a joint CF. The cute girlish charm of SNSD and the charismatic new faces of f(x) - who's excited for this? I am!

Forget the LG Chocolate though, who needs one when you can stream the CF through a sexy iPhone? Unfortunately, I don't own anything sexy. Wait, I take that back, my wife's gonna kill me.

Stay tuned for the CF in October!

Krystal mengatakan pada reporter yang meliput berita ini, "Akhir-akhir ini saya banyak mendengar kalau saya lebih mirip dengan Yoona unnie daripada kakak saya sendiri (Jessica)."

Sekarang ini banyak netizen yang mengatakan kalau Krystal adalah Yoona's hidden sister (duh bingung gw mau artiin apa klo di Indonesia ~.~). Juga bila kalian search di berbagai search engine dengan kata "Krystal" maka akan banyak hasil yang mengeluarkan "Krystal Jessica" dan juga "Krystal Yoona"

Krystal mengatakan, "Mereka berdua (Yoona dan Sica) sangat cantik dan juga sunbae yang luar biasa dan saya merasa bangga disamakan dengan mereka, dan saya merasa baik-baik saja."
source: edaily SPN
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums


팬 여러분~
안녕하세요! f(x)의 리더 빅토리아입니다^^
오늘 에프엑스 첫방송 했어요…..
많이 떨리지만 여러분의 응원해주신 모습을 보면서 힘 많이 냈어요.
중국에서 오신 팬 여러분도 계셔서 제 마음이 더 따뜻해졌어요 ㅋㅋ
앞으로 f(x) 더 열심히 하고 더 좋은 모습 보여드릴게요~ 쭉 사랑해주세요^^


To my fans~
Hello! This is f(x)'s leader Victoria^^
Today was f(x)'s first performance.....
Even though I was very nervous, seeing all your support gave me much strength.
Because fans even came from China, I was very touched keke
In the future, f(x) will work harder to show a better side of us~ Keep on loving us^^
Love you~


안녕하세요! What’s up!ㅋㅋ
저는 f(x)의 엠버입니다.

오늘 첫 방송이었어요^^ 어땠어요??ㅋㅋ
여러분이 재미있게 봤으면 좋겠어요~

제가 많이 떨렸지만 여러분들 응원에 많은 힘을 얻었어요ㅎㅎ
내일도 많~이 오셔서 f(x) 라차타 꼭 응원해주세요~
한국어 공부 더 열심히 할게요^^

저희랑 같이 라차 라차 타타~!

f(x) member Amber also wrote in English, which was basically a translation of her Korean message!

Hey everyone! It’s Amber here.
Today was f(x)’s debut stage.. What you guys think? :]
Hope you guys enjoyed our performance.
Honestly, from being in the waiting room to standing on stage, I was really nervous. haha
But hearing you guys cheer for us, I started to relax. Thank you! You guys are the best!
We’re going to continue to work hard and do our best^^
I’ll see you tomorrow right? hehe
Let’s LA chA LA chA TA TA~~~ okay??
peace out^^


저는 에프엑스의 루나 입니다. ^ ^
오늘 저희 데뷔 무대에 와주셔서 정말 감사합니다.
첫 무대라 긴장도 많이 하고 떨려서 실수도 한 것 같은데요..
팬 여러분께서 많이 응원 해주신 덕분에 긴장이 조금이나마 덜 되었던 것 같아요~
앞으로도 초심 잃지 않고 항상 최선을 다하는 f(x)의 루나 되겠습니다.

그리고 내일이면 두 번째 방송인 SBS 인기가요를 하는데요
내일도 팬미팅과 악수회가 있어요 !^ ^
내일 꼭 와주실 거죠?>_<

내일 더욱더 멋있는 퍼포먼스 보여드리기 위해 준비하고 있으니까요
기대 많이 해주세요 ~ 오늘 너무 감사 드려요~ ^ ^

#다같이 라차라차 타타 #


This is f(x)'s Luna. ^ ^
Thank you so much for coming to our debut stage performance.
Because it was our first performance and I was very worried and shaky, I may have made a mistake..
Thanks to our fans' support, I was able to worry a bit less~
In the future, we will be the best f(x) that we can be.

Also, we have our second performance tomorrow on SBS Inkigayo
We have another fan meet and greet tomorrow !^ ^
You guys will come right?>_<

We are preparing to give you a cooler performance tomorrow
so look forward to it ~ Thank you so much for today~ ^ ^

#All together LaChaLaCha TaTa #


안녕하세요!! ^^ f(x) 설리 입니다~!!
저희는 드디어 오늘 첫 데뷔무대를 무사히 마치고 돌아왔습니다! 히힛
정말 많은 팬 여러분이 저희 f(x) 응원해주셔서 많은 힘이 되었구요~!~
이렇게 많은 분들이 와주실 거라고는 생각 못했는데, 많은 분들이 응원해주러 오셔서
너무 기쁘고 감사했습니다!! >ㅁ< 헤헷

저희가 오랜 시간 동안 정말 많은 연습을 했는데요!
저희 오늘 첫무대 ! 여러분들은 어떠셨나요~?
저는 많이 긴장해서 틀리기도 하구~ 에구~ 흑흑.. 너무 아쉬워요!
하지만 앞으로 기회는 많으니까!
더욱 열심히 노력해서 발전하는 모습 보여드릴게요 ~^^!

그리고 저희 내일 인기가요를 출연하는데요!
내일도 많은 응원해 주실거죠오오오~???? 흐흐~
참! 내일 두 번째 미니 팬 미팅도 있어요~!
팬 여러분들과 f(x)가 함께 얘기를 할 수 있는 시간이에요!
너무 기대 하고 있어용!! 흐흐..

그럼 저는 내일 무대를 위해! 연습을 하러 가겠습니다!!
내일 우리 다 함께 라차라차 타타~>ㅁ<


Hello!! ^^ This is f(x)'s Sulli~!!
We have returned from our first debut performance! Heehee
Because of all the fans who gave f(x) much support, it gave me a lot of strength~!~
We didn't think this many people would come, but because many people came to cheer us on
I'm so happy and grateful!! >ㅁ< hehe

For a long time, we practiced a lot!
Our first performance ! How was it for you all~?
I made mistakes because I had much worry~ Aigoo~ Boohoo.. Such a waste!
However from now on, since there is a lot of opportunities!
I will practice harder and show you my progress ~^^!

Also, we are making our appearance on Inkigayo tomorrow!
You will continue to cheer for us tomorrow right~???? Hehe~
Oh! We have our second mini fan meeting tomorrow~!
It's a time where fans and f(x) can converse!
I am looking very forward to it!! Hehe..

For tomorrow's stage!! I am going to go practice!!
Tomorrow, all together LaChaLaCha TaTa~>ㅁ<


f(x) 의 막내 크리스탈입니다!

오늘 저희가 첫 데뷔 무대를 가졌는데요~
정말 떨리고 긴장도 많이 해서 저희 모두다 얼었었어요 T-T
하지만 저희 f(x)를 위해 많은 팬 여러분께서 응원하러 왔다는 소식을 듣고 힘이 났답니다!

틈틈이 연습해서 보여드린 무대인데 어떻게 보셨나요?
저는 팬 여러분들의 호응에 FEEL받아서 더 열심히, 즐겁게 했습니다
내일도 많이 와주실꺼죠? ^^

초심을 잃지 않고 항상 겸손한 크리스탈이 되겠습니다!
f(x), 그리고 저희 첫 데뷔 곡 LA chA TA 많이 사랑해주세요~



This is f(x)'s maknae Krystal!

We had our first debut stage performance today~
Because I was very shaky and had a lot of worry, I felt frozen T-T
However, when I heard that many fans came to cheer us on, I felt strengthened!

How did you all like the performance?
Because I felt a connection through my fans, I was able to perform better and joyfully.
Many will come together tomorrow too right? ^^

Not losing the original intention, I will always stay a modest Krystal!
Please love f(x) and our debut track LA chA TA alot~
Thank you!!

credit : allkpop
shared by : fxinated

► Sumber ditunjukkan oleh Alicia kita
► Referensi untuk dagu Kyuhyun di sini

Banyak dari kalian pasti bertanya2 kenapa Kyuhyun memakai plester di dagunya di bandara pada 12 September. Ada beberapa alasan2 yg dapat dipercaya diberikan dibalik ini, dan kelihatannya ㅡ saat disebutkan dengan kejelasan oleh seorang anggota dari website terbesar Kyuhyun (k-afetaria) ㅡ dia melukai dirinya sendiri saat bercukur. Ini sepertinya Kyuhyun adalah seorang pencukur yg buruk. ♥ Gagal.

Original Source. k-afeteria
Credits to fragment & La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

Newsen Park SaeYun Reporter:

The new girl group, f(x), has become the wounded soldiers’ heroine.
On September 15, at an army base in Geyung Gi Do, f(x) had made an appearance on the Armed Forces Special program. In this TV and radio performance, f(x) has gotten a chance to perform with their sun-bae (seniors) singers.
The 2 minute dance performance of “Jump off” and “Freeze” has made the troops go wild, making it seem hard to believe that f(x) is a new girl group and made the day’s performance a success.
The girls had come to the stage with their manager, 1 hour before the performance, looking around at the stage, trying to think up stories to liven up the atmosphere, which showed their star quality.
The soldiers watching f(x)’s performance stated, “f(x) is the post SNSD” and “Cinderella is coming.” Making all kinds of supporting remarks.
One said, “On the 8th, although it was f(x)’s first time performing at WeMunYulCha, they received many cheers from the soldiers.”
F(x), with their newly debuted song, Lachata, are active doing many activities and is continuing to the golden age of girl group.

Translated: Sugarcookie@affxtion.com

You know BoA's latest US track "Crazy About," produced by Sean Garrett?

Well, because it would be difficult for Sean to attend, BoA has personally requested that Amber of new SM girl group f(x), join her to perform the rap portion of the track! Lots of love in the SM girl group family lately.

The performance will be on October 10th, at 5:00pm in Tokyo. I'm sure there will be many special surprises, so stay tuned!

Thanks to ahra for the tip.

cr: johnydorama@AKP

Hot topic rookies f(x), had their first pictorial photo shoot, after their debut, for fashion magazine ‘Vogue Girl’.

For this photo shoot, f(x) wore black attire with black eyeliner, representing a cat’s eyes. They showed a new charm that is different from what they show on stage. This is expected to be a hot topic.

The photographer that was in charge of this photo shoot, Kim Bo Sung said, “All five members of f(x) have a distinctive personality which is attractive. Despite it being their first photo shoot, they had a chic pose and showed confidence with their eyes, and the result was a great photo shoot.” This raised the anticipation for this photo shoot.

You can find f(x)’s 8 page photo shoot spread and interview in the October issue of Vogue Girl.

Source: the star chosun
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

Versi Kyuhyun dari lagu Yoo Youngsuk, "“7 Years of Love” baru2 ini mendapatkan pernghargaan dan membuat ini masuk kedalam urutan TAKE7 Inkigayo. Ini bukan berarti bahwa ini bisa memenangkan Mutizen Song (apalagi sejak Kyuhyun tidak mempromosikannya secara resmi), tapi ini bisa mendapat votingan2, dan ini menunjukkan bahwa orang2 tidak hanya mencarinya, membeli albumnya di toko2 kaset atau track-nya di website2 online yg legal

Original Source. k-afeteria & SBS Inkigayo
Credits to La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

Artis/Grup : Super Junior-M
Judul Album : Mini Album Mandarin Terbaru (Pre-order mulai tanggal 9/16)
Jenis Musik : C-Pop [Pre-order album]
Perusahaan/Tanggal : avex 2009/9/23

Pengenalan :

Pre-order gifts [Full-color plastic folder]

Sudah menunggu lama! Hari peluncuran minialbum Mandarin terbaru Super Junior-M sudah dipastikan!

Melanjutkan kesuksesan album pertama dan single [U],[Me],dan[At Least I Still Have You] peluncuran minialbum Mandarin terbaru Super Junior-M di Taiwan sudah dipastikan! Tanggal 23 September resmi diluncurkan!

Website untuk pre-order

c;r to Henry's Baidu Bar, translate Nerhy's Stakato@sujunesia

Penangkapan Super Junior Kangin karena kasus penyerangan

anggota super junior, kangin. baru-baru ini ditangkap karena kasus penyerangan. dari rumor tentang dirinya melakukan perkelahian dan kekerasan tampaknya ia hanya sebagai seorang saksi mata dalam kejadian ini.

anggota super junior kangn (nama asli : kim youngwoon) tampaknya terlibat dalam kasus penyerangan yang tertunda. pada 16 september, polisi mengumumkan bahwa kangin dari super junior yang disangkutpautkan dalam kasus dan dia bukan salah satu yang melakukan perkelahian tersebut, tetapi dia hanya diselidiki saja.

kantor kepolisian KangNam di seoul dimana penyelidikan dilakukan, , menyatakan posisi mereka kepada wartawan. mereka menyatakan "untuk peristiwa kekerasan yang terjadi di malam tanggal 16 september 2009, kangin berada dalam TKP tetapi dia tidak terlibat dalam perkelahian tersebut dan ia hanya diselidiki sebagai seorang saksi mata." mereka juga menambahkan, "sisanya kasus akan terungkap pada siang hari tanggal 16 sept (hari ini) dan setidaknya untuk sekarang, kami tidak dapat menjawab pertanyaan apapun."

dikatakan bahwa selama penyelidikan, kangin mengatakan kepada petugas bahwa ia sedang dalam perdebatan, tetapi tidak pernah memukul siapapun.Selain itu, ia menambahkan bahwa ia benar-benar di tempat korban. SM Entertainment juga menyatakan bahwa Kangin hanya di tempat dan bahwa ia sedang diselidiki karena dan saksi mata dan tidak ada lagi.

yang lain yang terlibat dalam kasus ini mengatakan, "satu orang yang terlihat mabuk masuk keruangan tempat kangin berada dan melakukan kekerasan tanpa alasan yang jelas melukai para pekerja yang mencoba untuk menghentikannya. kangin meninggalkan tempat tersebut, tetapi seseorang menindikasikan bahwa kangin ada disanayang membuat dirinya dalam proses penyelidikan.

Kangin yang baru saja keluar dari kantor polisi Kangnam untuk penyelidikan tentang kasus penyerangan. Polisi baru-baru ini menyatakan bahwa empat orang saat ini ditahan dalam tahanan atas tuduhan penyerangan terhadap Kangin. Mereka juga menyatakan sebagai tambahan, bahwa Kangin menyatakan bahwa ia tidak menyerang siapa pun dan bahwa dia benar-benar menjadi korban dipukul oleh orang-orang kekerasan. Dikatakan bahwa saat ini, para tersangka membuat klaim bahwa Kangin menyerang mereka juga.

translated by fanny@sunes