According to SM Entertainment's representative,f(x) will release their first album soon,the date is set between the end of November until mid December.Their albums will not only be sold in Korea,but they will be sold in other Asia countries such as China and Japan.Many top song writers will participate in their latest album.

A japanese reporter asked,"There are two chinese members in f(x),will they only be concentrating on China and Korea?"

SM's representative then answered,"They will concentrate on whole Asia,not only China,they will promote in other countries as well"!

Besides,SM will also debut a new girl group "HAM"!

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Big Bang and So Nyuh Shi Dae took the first places for the category of "singers" in an entertainer popularity ranking for the second half of the year.

From the 25th to the 31st of August, the results for the "Entertainer Popularity Survey" were determined by the Leespiar Research Institute with the participation of 1,320 males and females with an age range of 13~65 in 5 cities from around the country (metropolitan area, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon).

So Nyuh Shi Dae took the first place (31.8%) in the female category in this time's survey overwhelmingly through their new song "Tell Me Your Wish" amidst the rise and battle of the girl groups and the girl group wave while Wonder Girls haven't had any activities in Korea due to their activities in the U.S..

Following SNSD, 2NE1 ranked 2nd (15.8%) due to the success of a continuous hit song parade while Lee Hyori ranked 3rd (15.3%), Wonder Girls, who are pushing on their U.S. activities, 4th, and Son Dambi 5th (10.2%).

In the male category, Big Bang surpassed 2PM by an eyelash and went up to the first place.

The representative idol group Big Bang maintained 23.5% and surpassed group 2PM, which maintained 21.7%.

The 3rd place went to world star Rain (16.9%), the 4th place to Lee Seunggi (10.4%) and the 5th place to DBSK (5.2%).

In this time's survey, the replies were collected through a 1:1 individual interview without giving examples for groups and up to 2 names were possible. The results were calculated based on the average number of responses and with a confidence interval of 95%, the margin of error is +-2.70%.

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Dancing queen yang bersinar pada setiap penampilan!
Orang usil SNSD yang dicintai!
Hyo Yeon, kami dengan tulus mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun~^^

Sone merasa lebih gembira karena kau ada di sini.

Daum So Nyuh Shi Dae fan cafe Hwasueunhwa
So Nyuh Shi Dae China fansite SNSDCHINA
So Nyuh Shi Dae international site


Fans SNSD merencanakan event spesial untuk ulang tahun Hyo Yeon

Dana fans dari fancafe SNSD, Hwasueunhwa, site internasional Soshified, dan fansite China SNSD China - pada tgl 22 September, yang merupakan ulang tahun Hyo Yeon - mengumpulkan (5.000.000 won) dan menyumbangkannya ke pasar makanan yang berlokasi di Incheon, Kyeyang-gu.

Fans yang telah menyumbang dan berpartisipasi dalam event ini pada ulang tahun setiap member, mempertimbangkan bahwa Hyo Yeon berasal dari Incheon dan memutuskan untuk menyumbang ke sebuah fasilitas yang berada di area tersebut. Pasar makanan itu adalah fasilitas yang mendistribusikan bahan makanan dasar kepada keluarga yang membutuhkan.

Park Jong Sook, yang menjalankan pasar makanan tersebut, "The House That Opens Tommorow", berkata bahwa, "sumbangan dari fans SNSD dapat men-support sekitar 300 keluarga selama 6 bulan. Karena Chuseok akan segera datang, sumbangan ini akan benar - benar membuat keluarga - keluarga yang membutuhkan menjalani liburan yang lebih menyenangkan," dan berterima kasih pada para fans yang menyumbang atas nama Hyo Yeon.

Para fans kemudian berpartisipasi dalam pelayanan masyarakat sekitar Incheon dimana mereka membersihkan rumah para orang tua yang hidup sendiri. Para fans juga menarik perhatian dengan memasang iklan ucapan selamat ulang tahun pada Hyo Yeon di koran harian.

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With Girls Generations' recent endorsement of the LG Black Label Series Chocolate phone, MSN Korea has revealed their before and after picture from the photo-shopping done to the girls.

Although almost every photo is photoshopped nowadays, these girls do not need it! Their beauty is some of the best and the shrinking of body parts is just not right for these skinny girls. Most of the editing done is minor, but there are some major differences. With Taeyeon's jawline turning into.. a completely different jawline and all of their skins being lightened up quite a bit. Sunny's facial structure looking oh so different in the before and after, and in my opinion, the before actually looks 50 times better than the after! Another something that seems to be in is.. the up-lifting of the crotch? Check the photo-shopping out below, and leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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