[NEWS] G Dragon, “f(x)’s Sulli is cute”

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Big Bang’s G Dragon who is currently undergoing solo activities has recently chosen new group f(x)’s Sulli, as the cutest junior.

G Dragon appeared on SBS ‘Jung Sunhee’s Love FM’ on September 9, and mentioned f(x)’s Sulli during a radio corner.

Jung Sunhee asked ‘What style is your ideal girl’, and he replied “A cute girl”.

Jung Sunhee asked, “Aren’t there any cute juniors in the girl groups” and G Dragon replied “I think Sulli from the recently debuted group, f(x), is cute”.

G Dragon clearly stated, “She is cute as a junior”

*just skipped parts that weren’t concerning Sulli*

Source: Newsen
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

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