[NEWS] 090915 Post SNSD, f(x) is the Armed Forces Soldiers Cinderella

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Newsen Park SaeYun Reporter:

The new girl group, f(x), has become the wounded soldiers’ heroine.
On September 15, at an army base in Geyung Gi Do, f(x) had made an appearance on the Armed Forces Special program. In this TV and radio performance, f(x) has gotten a chance to perform with their sun-bae (seniors) singers.
The 2 minute dance performance of “Jump off” and “Freeze” has made the troops go wild, making it seem hard to believe that f(x) is a new girl group and made the day’s performance a success.
The girls had come to the stage with their manager, 1 hour before the performance, looking around at the stage, trying to think up stories to liven up the atmosphere, which showed their star quality.
The soldiers watching f(x)’s performance stated, “f(x) is the post SNSD” and “Cinderella is coming.” Making all kinds of supporting remarks.
One said, “On the 8th, although it was f(x)’s first time performing at WeMunYulCha, they received many cheers from the soldiers.”
F(x), with their newly debuted song, Lachata, are active doing many activities and is continuing to the golden age of girl group.

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