[SUJU]Most recent of Super Junior Kim KiBum

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Most recent of Super Junior Kim KiBum.

Though we never knew where he was and what he was doing this whole black period for him, we get to see the most recent of him through fellow Super Junior member DongHae.

It was KiBum’s 23rd birthday on 21st August and DongHae uploaded a photo taken between him and KiBum on his Cyworld minihompy.

DongHae wrote on his Cyworld post:

Title: KiBum’s Birthday

Today is KiBum’s birthday.

So I called him on the phone and asked him where he was. And he said he was in the office practising, so I went and have a talk with him. I also congratulated him on his birthday and we took a photo today, it was fun ^^

Be healthy always, smile brightly like how you do in this photo and work hard KiBummie..

Happy Birthday ! ! ^^

As can be seen from the netizens’ responses to this Cyworld post by DongHae, Korea is definitely missing some only13 love.

credit: sookyeong+thi2@SGI

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