[2009.09.08] Jessica, Nicole, JiYoon – new trademark members of girlgroups?

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In this time of girlgroups showdown, some of the 'hidden' members from groups have risen to become stars.

New members have risen from groups receiving much interests replacing the usual trademark members of each group. From So Nyeo Shi Dae, there is Jessica, Nicole from KARA, and Jeon JiYoon from 4Minute.

SNSD Jessica has been receiving much popularity and interests this summer. It is not an easy feat to be stand out in a group of 9 members. But for the group's activities, she has seemed to stand out more amongst other members this summer.

YoonA, Tiffany and TaeYeon were the trademark members for the first halfway of the year with 'Gee', and then SooYoung and Sunny also stood out for their appearances on broadcast shows. And then with 'Tell Me Your Wish', member Yuri and Seo Hyun stood out with their height and slim build. Member HyoYeon also stood out with her incredible dance skills.

With that, Jessica has lately been shining in the group, on internet cafe, it was said by netizens as 'Jessica's era'. With her unique vocals, she has gained much popularity with her collaboration song 'NaengMyun' with Park MyungSoo for MBC Infinite Challenge. Known for being a 'ice princess', Jessica has shown a cheerful and cute image of her, and netizens are loving it.

And for KARA, Nicole has also recently been receiving much popularity for her 'butt dance' for their comeback performances of 'Mister'. And Nicole is also known through her appearance on KBS 'Star Golden Bell' in her own corner of the show.

Much interests has also been shown on the girls for their comeback promotions as the girls have comeback looking more slim through diets and exercise, and Nicole has also received great popularity amongst fanboys from changing her girl-next-door look for a more matured image.

And known to be the 'HyunA girl', 4Minute member 'JeonGlasses' Jeon JiYoon has recently shone much in the group. She was known to have been always wearing a pair of sunglasses from debut and has earned the name of 'JeonGlasses'. But with the group's new minialbum, JiYoon has taken off her sunglasses for their promotions showing her face for the first time.

With the reveal of JiYoon's face, it has gained much interests from netizens online, and also her charismatic performances for their comeback stages has also gained her interests. She was also one of the top searches on search portal sites when the group had their comeback.

JiYoon said in her recent interview, "I didn't know I would get such great interests from fans. I will work hard to improve myself."

Meanwhile, it was known that JiYoon has recently received burn injuries when the group was doing jacket filming.

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