Kim Kibum and Hwang Bora at the VIP Premiere of "Jumunjin"

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Kim Kibum and Hwang Bora at the VIP Premiere of "Jumunjin"

Kim Kibum and Hwang Bora attend the VIP premiere of "Jumunjin" on January 15, 2010 in Seoul.


Earlier today, the missing Super Junior Kim Kibum had a special VIP premiere screening for his movie Jumunjin at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University. Some of his fellow SM Entertainment members came out to support him including TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s Changmin, Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s Tiffany, and Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Heechul. Also in attendance were actresses Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee.

When the movie ended with the credits the people in support of Kibum stood up and gave a standing ovation. If you want to see the movie, you’ll have to wait. Jumunjin is slated for a January 21, 2010 release. The basic premise is about a love story of a ghost man (Kibum) meeting a girl that lives in the country side and they form a relationship.

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Anonim mengatakan...

Ki Bummmm sgralah come back ke suju scptnyaaaaaaa

MinYoung mengatakan...


Iya Ki Bum pasti bakal balik kok....

Super Generation mengatakan...

jgn khawatir..
kibum ga bakal ilang XD